Posted August 1, 2023 at 12:00 pm

Page Description
Like the previous page, this page is overwhelmingly daytime sky above a small shoreline full of junk. This time, a fully-grown amphiox can be seen in the distance. It winds its way chaotically through both the sea and the sky. It is impossibly huge and its own body doubles back on itself. The amphiox mostly seems to travel to the right, as if abandoning its prior home in this ocean, but its coils are jumbled and it could possibly change its direction for no reason.

This imagery was inspired by a 'real photo' of the Morgawr (a cryptid spotted in Falmouth, Cornwall by an anonymous photographer named Mary F) I, the creator of this comic, saw when I was very small. I wanted to capture the wonder and reality-shifting nature of a strange shape undulating in the distance.

This webcomic is just about wrapped up so I want to say thank you to everyone who reads the free version. The physical version comes with a couple of extra goodies, and so does the PDF, but so does the web version! Please stick around for some extra stuff that isn't included in the physical version or the pdf.